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PT Situs Karunia Indonesia

PT Situs Karunia Indonesia has been incorporated to aim NO. 1 online point media in Indonesia. One of its shareholders is RealWorld Inc., which is leading online point media, crowdsourcing and other internet business in Japan.

<Poin Web>
We launched our online point media this February, the name is Poin Web;
Our suers can enjoy our contents, earn point and exchange points to many products.

We have already been connecting with major F&B and retails, such as Mitra Adiperkasa, McDonald, KFC, Carrefour, Indomog, Gudang Voucher. Also will connect with PayPal, Rakuten and other major companies in Idnoensia.

Nulpunt Studio

Nulpunt Studio a creative studio that is hell-bent on making this world just a little bit better. Nulpunt Studio is a design/web studio that works hard to change hearts, minds and habits. We believe design has the power to do more than sell a product, but that it can make a difference through altering perceptions, emotions and actions for the good of us all. We also believe in having a good time while doing what we love, and we do love what we do.

PHP Professional

IDR 3.000.000 - 7.000.000 + Bonus
Jakarta Raya - Jl. Batu Tulis VIII/11 RT.006/RW.003 Gambir

PT Satuklik Informatika Nusantara

PT Satuklik Informatika Nusantara (SAKLIK) is a internet company be founded in on 2008. We specialized on develop web and mobile application for many coorporate such as PT Sampoerna Tbk, Pertamina Foundation and many more.

SAKLIK has several product and service on e-commerce, e-learning and social media platform.  One of this service is CSR monitoring that provided for BUMN

Senior Programmer

Jawa Barat - Bandung

analizing, coding and debuging

PT Bertindo Jaya Raya

PT Bertindo Jaya Raya merupakan Perusahaan Swasta yang bergerak dibidang Manufakturing, saat ini membutuhkan karyawan :

Programmer CNC Bubut

Tangerang (Banten)


  1.     Laki-laki usia max.30 tahun
  2.     Pendidikan min.STM / D3
  3.     Menguasai dan mampu menjalankan mesin CNC bubut
  4.     Menguasai Autocad
  5.     Dapat membaca gambar
  6.     Dapat bekerja dengan team
  7.     Pekerja Keras.
  8.     Pengalaman 3 tahun

PT Simian Solutions

Simian Group is a trustworthy and reliable technology holding company providing world class technology services for Indonesian banking and financial institutions. A fast-growing company headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, we aim to be a one-stop shop for all our clients’ IT needs.

Our team has over 15 years experience providing technology services to companies ranging from the government sector to banking and manufacturing industry.

In addition, we focus on offering world-class and reputable banking management information system (MIS) services with discipline ranging from business intelligence and analytics to budgeting planning, activity-based costing and data warehousing (ETL).

We are seeking for highly Qualified Candidate for the position of :

IT Sales

Jakarta Raya

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

LoanMaster™ Lite: Free Loan Servicing Software

LOANMASTER (tm) Lite is a software application for servicing multiple portfolios of loans, notes, or other financing contracts. This system is based on 30 years of experience in development of loan servicing, tracking, and accounting software for banks and S&Ls.

If you have five or five thousand loans, LOANMASTER (tm) Lite will help you organize them and service them. It will organize and service all types of simple interest loans. Examples include:
  •      Single payment loans. (Notes)
  •      Monthly, annual and other installment loans
  •      Retail installment sales contract loans
  •      Loans for land sales contracts
  •      Automobile loans ( simple interest only )
  •      Residential mortgage loans - first, second or third liens.
  •      Contracts for deed.
  •      Secured or unsecured personal loans
  •      Construction loans
  •      Virtually any simple interest loan

Beware of the Scam of Fake Auto Accidents

Many think of fraud as a non-violent type of crime. In reality, vehicle insurance scams, including the staged traffic accident, are far from non-violent. Aside from costing honest consumers hundreds to thousands of dollars in added insurance premiums, this steadily growing form of fraud has resulted in countless injuries and deaths to the innocent victims of the scams.

In fact, data from the NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau) shows that staged traffic accidents have rapidly become a leading source of insurance fraud across the U.S.

How Does It Work?

These criminally staged collisions frequently involve several suspects driving a car. The victim is the driver of another vehicle that's being targeted by the suspects staging the collision for their own financial gain.

Reverse Mortgage

It's difficult to turn on the television these days without seeing a slew of commercials for reverse mortgages. They feature past-their-prime celebrities such as Henry Winkler and Fred Thompson, extolling the benefits of "guaranteed tax-free income" for those 62 and over. What they don't tell you is that reverse mortgages can be dangerous and can put your biggest asset - your home - at risk.

A reverse mortgage really a misnomer. It is really nothing more than a regular mortgage, except that the loan proceeds are paid out to you in installments, rather than all at once. These plans mortgage the existing equity in your home, bleeding it down while it accrues interest on the growing debt. This mortgage does not have to be repaid until you either sell the home or die. Then the loan balance, interest and accrued fees are extracted from the sale proceeds. This type of loan can be beneficial in a very limited set of circumstances, such as allowing a senior to remain in his or her home, rather than having to sell it to pay for medical or other unexpected expenses.

In many circumstances, however, a reverse mortgage can be a risk to your financial security. Here are six dangers you should consider before signing on the bottom line.

How to Avoid Payday Loans?

At first glance, payday loans may seem like an attractive option. You are approved for a small loan within minutes and the money is transferred via direct deposit to your checking account within 24 hours. It seems there truly is no easier way to get money, though this is where the fairy tale ends. Consumers best beware because there are some serious financial drawbacks to taking out a payday loan.

High Interest Rates

If you think your credit cards have high interest rates, you haven't seen anything yet. Payday loans can have interest rates as high as 911% for a one-week loan, and 212% for a one-month loan. That blows the average credit card interest rate of 14.59% clear out of the water. While your loan is meant to be a short-term fix, you will wind up paying an exorbitant amount of money on interest alone. Keep in mind that when you sign up for a payday loan, the lenders will request that your transactions be performed through direct deposit or electronic transfer, which means they will have access to your bank account when they assess their interest rates.

Qualities That Make A Good Insurance Agent

If you have ever contemplated becoming an insurance agent or wondered whether this career path could be right for you, then there are several qualities that you will need to possess, at least to some degree. All good insurance agents share some of the following core qualities in one way or another.

People Skills

  1. Puts the needs of the client first - An agent who is only out to earn a commission, regardless of the needs of the client, is not likely to last long in the business. Agents and brokers who listen carefully to what their clients and prospects say will be able to earn their trust, which is the hardest part of their job. Those who are willing to put their clients into a product that pays a lower commission because it better fits their needs are much more likely to be successful.

  2. Good customer service - Customers who are able to get a hold of their agents when they need them are much more likely to stay happy and reassured. A timely response to inquiries and phone calls is a must, and you must be able to do what you say you will do, when you say you will do it - or at least have a good reason as to why you can't. One of the major complaints of those who buy life insurance policies is that there is no one around to answer their questions after they have purchased the policy.

Take Time to Sail

Let's assume you have the necessary skills to open the doors to employers for the international job you want. Your next step is to organize an effective job search. Organization, however, does not mean a detailed plan, blueprint, or road map for taking action. If you strictly adhere to such a plan, you will most likely be disappointed with the outcomes.

Instead, your job search should approximate the art of sailingyou know where you want to go and the general direction for getting there. But the specific path, as well as the time of reaching your destination, will be determined by your environment, situation, and skills. Like the sailor dependent upon his or her sailing skills and environmental conditions, you tack back and forth, progressing within what is considered to be an acceptable time period for successful completion of the task.

The plan should not become the endit should be a flexible means for achieving your goals.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Prerequisites for Success

How successful you will be in landing an international job as well as continuing in the international employment arena depends on several factors that relate to you as an individual as well as the organizations offering job opportunities.

Like any job, international jobs have their advantages and disadvantages, positives and negatives, ups and downs. Some people are fortunate enough to find jobs they really love. Many become obsessed with their work to the exclusion of all other interests and pursuits.

Most people, however, find jobs that are okay but nothing particularly special or exciting. They are not unhappy with their jobs nor are they particularly happy with them. To many, a job is a job is a job; its advantages outweigh possible disadvantages of not having the job at all.

However, we do know what leads to job search success both at home and abroad. Success is determined by more than just a good plan getting implemented. It is not predetermined nor is it primarily achieved by intelligence, thinking big, time management, or luck. Based upon experience, theory, research, and common sense, we believe you will achieve career planning success by following many of these 20 principles:

Orientation toward Success

International work is not for everyone. Most organizations working in this arena identify a particular type of individual who is best suited for international work. These people tend to have the following characteristics:

  1. Adaptability and flexibility: Willing to adapt to changing circumstances and adjust to the norms of the situation.

  2. Tolerance and empathy: Listen to others, understand their behavior, accept different behaviors as legitimate, tolerate ambiguities, be open-minded, and respect others' beliefs.

  3. Sensitivity to cultural differences: Adjust to cultural differences without going "native"; maintain one's own identity.

  4. Patience and perseverance: Balance the American work ethics of punctuality, productivity, and getting things done now with work cultures that place higher value on maintaining and expanding power, developing harmonious interpersonal relations, avoiding face-to-face confrontations, and solving problems through consensus rather than through other rational decision-making techniques.


The myths and realities provide a glimpse into some of the perceived advantages and disadvantages which motivate individuals to pursue international work. They may raise important questions about your own motivations and desire to pursue an international career. The major motivations most international job seekers exhibit appear to be:

  1. Money: Everybody wants it but only a few people really make big money in international jobs and careers. The biggest money is usually made by people who manage other peoples' moneythe investors, bankers, and venture capitalists who operate on percentages and at high risk levels.

  2. Many international jobs pay excellent salaries which may also be exempt from Federal, state, and local taxes back home (first $80,000 is exempt from Federal taxes if one lives abroad for at least 11 consecutive months). This tax break applies to private sector employees living and working abroad.

Myths and Realities

International work has a certain lure and mysticism which was once reserved for itinerant missionaries, anthropologists, and soldiers of fortune of decades ago. Indeed, there are probably more myths about international jobs than of any other type of work.

Most job seekers are unprepared and naive in approaching the international job market; some might be best termed "job dumb." They play around the periphery of this job market with little success in penetrating it successfully. They muddle-through the job market with questionable perceptions of how it

works. Combining facts, stereotypes, myths, and folkloregained from a mixture of logic, experience, movies, nightly news reports, and advice from well-meaning friends and relativesthese perceptions lead job seekers down several unproductive paths. They are often responsible for the self-fulfilling prophecy and lament of the unsuccessful international job seeker: "There are no jobs available for me."

Some of the more important myths preventing individuals from achieving success in the international job market include:

They're a Different Type

We've always been fascinated with the international arena and the many interesting people who work abroad. We wonder how and why they got involved with international work rather than stay home to follow traditional careers up someone's corporate ladder or pursue a standard American lifestyle complete with a home mortgage and stable community life.

What we've learned over the years is that these people are different from the people we know back home in terms of motivations, personalities, and lifestyles. While some go international for the money, most are simply restless, curious, or stricken with that unexplained addiction to travel and a desire to pursue an idea, cause, or lifestyle that cannot be satisfied in some job back home. Some are international junkies who thrive in the international arena.

Others literally dropped out of their own societies and work-driven lifestyles back home for more easy-going and personally rewarding lives abroad. For many of these people, their ideas of getting ahead and achieving career success are to move on to another interesting. challenging, and satisfying international job.

Structure of Opportunities

Understanding the structure of the international job market and devising job search strategies responsive to what is essentially a decentralized and closed job market must ultimately be linked to specific organizations and jobs that exist in the international arena. Most of the jobs are found with the following categories of organizations:

1. Government
2. International Organizations
3. Contracting and Consulting Firms
4. Nongovernmental, Nonprofit, and Private Voluntary Organizations
5. Multinational Corporations
6. Businesses and the Travel Industry
7. Educational Organizations
8. Trade and Professional Associations
9. Foundations
10. Research Organizations

Job Market Structure and Hiring Practices

Conducting an effective job search aimed at the international arena is often difficult to do given the overall structure of the international job market. The international employment arena is extremely decentralized and fragmented, and information on organizations and job vacancies is difficult to access.

Nonetheless, with some basic information on the structure of the job market as well as a few leads on how to contact organizations and access job vacancy information, you will be well on your way to bringing some structure, coherence, and effectiveness to this job market. In other words, its best to first understand the structure of the international job market in order to best handle the process of finding a job within the structure.

Job searches in general tend to follow the structure of particular job markets. In the United States, the domestic job market is also highly decentralized, fragmented, and chaotic. While information on organizations and job vacancies in the U.S. is at best incomplete, you do find numerous directories on organizations and many services are available to assist you with a domestic job search.

PT Antar Mitra Prakarsa

PT. Antar Mitra Prakarsa (m-STARS) is a Creative Media company with multiple business interests in various industries such as Content Provider, Mobile Services, Digital Music, and Social Media. m-STARS is also a pioneer in the digital music industry, mobile advertising service and a payment gateway service. m-STARS involvement in various industries is part of m-STARS's vision to become a hub for all industries, with a strongbelief in the potential of digital and mobile media, and creativity as the engine of progress for m-STARS in every industry which it is a part of.

We’re on the hunt for a truly talented young people for the position :

Java Programmer

Jakarta Raya - Kemang

  • Work on projects including web-based applications, database-backed.
  • Websites, web-based enhancements and many others.
  • To develop web with strong optimization and high functionality.
  • Analyze, review and modify running website by designing, developing, documenting, and monitoring.

PT Media Informasi dan Teknologi Indonesia

PT. Media Informasi dan Teknologi Indonesia adalah sebuah perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang pembuatan game, animasi dan custom perangkat lunak di indonesia.
Saat ini PT. MITI ingin mengajak para profesional muda untuk bisa bergabung bersama kami. Bagi kamu yang berminat untuk menjadi bagian dari PT. MITI, kami membuka lowongan kerja di posisi :

It Programmer

Jakarta Raya

- Analisa system, develop dan update perangkat lunak yang lama dan baru
- Mengintegrasi program dengan plug in dan network
- Mengupdate database yang lama dan baru
- Membuat dan mendesain spesifikasi yang mendetail untuk program yang baru
- Membuat program berdasarkan permintaan

PT Lamuda Tenka is the first and only online catering in Indonesia.   We are now expanding our business and looking for young passionate people to join with us.  A great package will be offer for those who are qualified to fill the position of the job.


PHP Developer

IDR 3.000.000 - 5.000.000
Jakarta Raya - Green Garden Jakarta Barat

  • Responsible in developing an e commerce website from scratch
  • Responsible for the maintainig of the website

PT Anggada Putra Rekso Mulia (Rekso Group)

Kami adalah Grup Perusahaan terkemuka di Indonesia sedang mencari profesional yang bermotivasi tinggi untuk bergabung bersama tim kami.

SPV Programmer

Jakarta Raya

  1. Pria, usia max 28 tahun
  2. Pendidikan min S1 jurusan Sistem/Teknik Informatika
  3. Pengalaman kerja min 5 th di bidang yang sama
  4. Menguasai bahasa pemograman NET (VBNet/C#)
  5. Menguasai PHP (min salah satu dari PHP Framework), AJAX, MVC Framework, Code Igniter/ Yii/ HTML, CSS, Database MySQL / SQL Server dan ORACLE

PT Sakura System Solutions

PT. SAKURA SYSTEM SOLUTIONS (was PT. Sakura Begawan) is a fast growing company and to continue to grow we constantly need new professionals with expertise in the fields of Information Technology and Human Resources. Our team members make high demands of themselves. For this reason, we look for achievers with strong integrity, sharp creative minds and high ambitions.

Work in PT. SAKURA SYSTEM SOLUTIONS brings advantages into your experience in the information technology and industrial business environment. We have a close and collaborative working environment with a very strong unity among colleagues.

Now we currently have an outstanding opportunity for a talented professional to join our team as ASP.NET C# Programmer, based in Jakarta

ASP.NET - C# Programmer

Jakarta Raya

Catholic University San Antonio (UCAM International)

UCAM is strategically located in Murcia, Spain, with a Campus of 10.500 students and around 700 professors, we are expanding worldwide to make one of our main objectives a reality: to promote a human and high quality university education, with representative presence in all continents.

At UCAM you will prove all the dynamism and enthusiasm of the university community, the top teaching technical equipment, and a sports structure with 16 elite teams competing on professional regime.

UCAM believes that everyone is worthy in the eyes of God, everyone has a family, a personality, and a different leadership potential to be developed. As a matter of fact, the opportunities for professional growth are limitless when you work at UCAM.

Software Engineer

Jakarta Raya

Teach Web Design & Web Programming (Part Time or Full Time)

Binus Center Bintaro

BINUS CENTER adalah lembaga pelatihan non formal yang berada di bawah naungan UNIVERSITAS BINA NUSANTARA. Saat ini BINUS CENTERtelah tersebar di banyak kota yaitu Jakarta, Bandung, Pontianak, Balikpapan dan Medan. Untuk memperluas dan mengembangkan usahanya dalam bidang pendidikan, bersama ini kami ingin menginformasikan bahwa saat ini BINUS CENTER BINTARO (BN) akan menambah jumlah PENGAJAR/GURU KOMPUTER WEB DESIGN& WEB PROGRAMMING dengan kualifikasi sebagai berikut :

Pengajar Web Design &Web Programming (Part time / Full time)

Jakarta Raya - Bintaro-Jakarta Selatan

PT OpenTrolley Bookstore

PT OpenTrolley Bookstore

OpenTrolley Bookstore is a book distribution company with presence in Singapore and Indonesia. Our company operates a web store at, offering over 2 million quality imported titles to local customers.

We are looking for talented developer to be part of our exciting projects.

Working under our senior developer you will become part of a team that manages an exciting online bookstore based in Indonesia and Singapore

Web Developer (E-commerce)

Jakarta Barat (Jakarta Raya)

Predicting the Future

Similar to the end of World War II, 1989, 1990, and 1991 were major watershed years. The most momentous change was the disintegration of the Russian Empire which actually began more than a decade earlier; 1989 merely confirmed it was over.

While communism did not end, it did undergo some radical transformations that may alter its ideology, structure, tactics, and following forever. More importantly, the political and economic changes taking place in the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central America, and China will result in a fundamentally restructured international environment for government and business. It will also result in new job opportunities in countries that were previously closed to non-communist societies.

Certain trends for international employment are evident based on knowledge of past patterns, current needs, and predictions of future developments in a restructured international arena. We see nine broad trends developing during the next decade:

Internationalizing Domestic Issues

The line between domestic and international issues is increasingly conceptual. It has become artificial given the growing economic and political interdependence of the domestic and international arenas.

Oil crises in the Middle East, changes in the London and Tokyo stock markets, drug wars in Central and Latin America, environmental damage in Canada and Czechoslovakia, and political upheavals in the South Africa and China are felt immediately in New York City, Atlanta, San Antonio, and Sacramento. No longer can we deal with many domestic issues in isolation of their larger international setting.

The international drug problem will continue to act as a major catalyst in the growth of the American criminal justice system.

Indeed, America's horrendous drug and crime problems have international connections. Drug wars and terrorism in Central and Latin America affect the flow of illegal drugs and criminal activities in the streets of New York City, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Whither "Cold War Careers"?

Shortly after World War II until the present many jobs and careers developed around the evolution of the Cold War. Perhaps best termed "Cold War careers," these are especially evident among thousands of jobs in such U.S. government organizations as the Department of Defense, the United States Information Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, and the Agency for International Development.

These agencies, in turn, have been responsible for generating a huge number of defense, intelligence, and development careers and millions of jobs among government contractors and consultants who primarily depend on government contracts for their existence.

The future of many international jobs and careers are in danger with the ending of the Cold War attendant with the disintegration of the Soviet Union and Eastern European communist regimes and as economic development becomes the major goal of most societies in the decade ahead.

The Developing World

The developing world, or what is commonly referred to as poor Third and Fourth World countries, have undergone numerous changes during the past three decades. Targets for government programs, non-governmental organizations, and lending institutions primarily aimed at rural development and population control, some of these countries have become remarkable success stories while others have become international basket cases worse off today than 40 years ago.

Asia boasts the largest number of success stories. Countries such as South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and the British colony of Hong Kong emerged in the early 1980s as surprising success stories as the economies recorded annual GNP growth rates in excess of 10 percent. These countries, in turn, became major investors in other developing countries during the late 1980s as they sought cheaper labor abroad as well as new markets for their products. Other Asian nations, such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, are quickly following suit as they become the great success stories of the 1990s.

Economic Interdependency and Business Expansion

Throughout most of history great powers sought political and economic control abroad by acquiring the territories and peoples of other societies through a combination of colonialism and military subjugation.

While military conflicts and ideologies continue as important means for determining political and territorial control of societies, they are becoming less important than the pragmatic role of business in developing the economic infrastructure of particular countries as well as in linking local economies to the larger global economy.

In many countries the coup d'etat, military rule, and ideology have passed into history as bankers and foreign investorsthose who service the national debt and extend credit for further economic expansionhave a major say in who runs the political affairs of a country. In this sense international business has become a powerful force for promoting democratic politics.

Large multinational companies and an increasingly interdependent world economy are making old ideologies and traditional concepts of nation-states obsolete as more and more countries are recognizing the importance of transcending parochial interests in favor of increased foreign investment and regional economic cooperation.

Communication Revolution

The communication revolution has resulted in increased awareness of other societies and cultures and greater understanding of the interdependency of international political and economic events. Instant news reports from Moscow, Berlin, London, Mexico City, Bogota, and Cape Town underscore the ease of access to other parts of the world as well as a growing familiarity with other countries. Indeed, we live in an increasingly smaller world or "global village" due to the communication revolution.

This revolution has helped generate more interest in other societies especially in the areas of travel and education. More and more people travel abroad each year in search of new and exotic experiences.

Popular destinations are often those that have received extensive media coverage. In 1990, for example, more and more tourists headed for the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe because of highly publicized political changes taking place there. With the collapse of communism and the Soviet Union in 1991, fewer tourists ventured into what appeared to be chaotic political and economic situations in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Thailand, Indonesia, and Morocco became "in" destinations for travelers interested in visiting unique and exotic places.

The Changing International Environment

Five major changes have taken place in the international arena during the past 20 years that have helped shape the present and future structure of the international job market:
  1. The communication revolution has increasingly created a sense of world community and familiarized more people with other peoples, societies, and cultures.

  2. Increased interdependency of national economies within the larger international economy results in the increased expansion of domestic business interests abroad and the development of multinational corporations.

  3. Continuing poverty, overpopulation, and environmental degradation in the Third and Fourth World countries of Africa, Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Latin America requires renewed development efforts to resolve national and regional development problems.

Examine Your ICQ

But before we jump head-on into this subject, let's take a look at how you orient yourself for success in the international job market. Just how realistic, motivated, and prepared are you for finding an international job? What exactly are your qualifications? What about your educational level, training, and experience? What international job search skills do you process? Are you prepared to travel abroad for an interview as well as quickly move abroad if necessary?

While the chapters that follow will help you answer these questions in detail, you can start orienting yourself to these considerations by completing the following exercise for identifying your "International Career Quotient" or ICQ. Respond to each of the 50 statements according to the instructions and then compile your composite ICQ score at the end of the exercise.

INSTRUCTIONS: Respond to each statement by circling which number at the right best represents your level of knowledge, skill, attitude, experience, or behavior.

The International Experience

Many international jobs and careers are exciting and cannot be duplicated in your domestic setting. For many individuals, there's nothing more exciting and personally fulfilling than completing a much needed irrigation project that will greatly improve the health and economic well-being of villagers in Indonesia, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Ghana, Egypt, or Peru; constructing roads and exploring for oil in the jungles of New Guinea, Borneo, or Sumatra; working for a multinational corporation in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Rome, or London to market new engineering products or promote banking services; practicing international law in Bangkok, Bombay, or Bonn; consulting on population planning programs in Africa and Asia; or importing arts and crafts from Morocco and Mexico.

Like travel in general, living and working abroad is a tremendous learning experience. While you may or may not get rich pursuing international jobs and careers, your life will be forever enriched by the people you meet the stories you accumulate and tell others, and the cultures and societies you learn about. While the international lifestyle may appear exciting, exotic, glamorous, and devoid of problems to outsiders, to many insiders it's a very personal and fulfilling experience.

A Different Approach

This is not the typical international jobs and careers book that is primarily an annotated listing of various organizations hiring international professionals. Several books, including our Almanac of International Jobs and Careers and Jobs For People Who Love Travel, already approach the subject in this manner. If you are primarily interested in getting a listing of such organizations, you should consult these other books.

On the other hand, if you are interested in understanding the structure of the international job market, learning about job search strategies and techniques appropriate for navigating this market, and exploring a few important job and career options not normally dealt with in other books, then this book is for you.

We approach our subject in terms of the major problem we see facing both international job seekers and career counselorshow to best deal with the issues of motivation and job/career objectives in a highly fragmented, segmented, decentralized, and chaotic international job market. In other words, how can we best advise those whose motivations and goals are not compatible with the standard career planning model as well as conventional job search methods?

Finding an International Job

Finding an international job is not as difficult as it may initially appear. For those who already have international work experience, finding another international job requires a combination of technical skills, experience in particular segments of the job market, area and language through a unique network of professional and personal "connections" they have developed over the years in the international arena.

If you lack the proper mix of international experience and connections for landing an international job, you can quickly acquire these keys for breaking into the international job market.

You can do this by taking foreign language courses, traveling, joining study tours or semester abroad programs, acquiring an international internship, volunteering to work for an international firm or organization, getting an entry-level position with a nonprofit organization, or starting your own business.

The Career Counseling Dilemma

Many career counselors have difficulty applying conventional career planning and job search techniques to individuals with such motivations and behaviors. After all, conventional career planning and job search methods are based upon a model of "success" appropriate for the U.S. job market. They are culturally specific methods that assume individuals will be motivated by money, career advancement, and self-fulfillment.

What, then, happens when these methods are applied to individuals who fundamentally reject such a conventional "success" model in favor of seeking new experiences, following their intuition, pursuing a mission or dream, or satisfying lifestyle goals? Either individuals must alter their motivations and goals in order to make the methods work successfully, or the methods must be fundamentally altered to accommodate a very different set of motivations and goals.

Not surprising, international job seekers pose a basic dilemma for career counselors: How do you counsel someone whose primary concern is to find a job that will support an international lifestyle rather than to find a job they do well and enjoy doing and which leads to career advancement?

Motivation and Lifestyle

In contrast to most job seekers we encounter, the international job seeker is a very different type of individual in terms of motivation, goals, skills, and lifestyles. While the typical job seeker is usually motivated by money, career advancement, and "success" within some organizational structure, more often than not the international job seeker is motivated by a certain degree of restlessness to do something different; a need to change their work environment; a commitment to pursue an important cause or idea; or a desire to experience a different culture, society, and lifestyle.

International job seekers are the ultimate career risk-takers who are seldom obsessed with their careers. Many reject the conventional model of the "successful job seeker" that assumes you must have clear-cut goals and accumulate marketable skills that lead to career advancement and career success.

Instead, such job seekers often take any job they can get, willingly compromise their career goals and skills to the requirements of particular jobs, and are always on the lookout for new job opportunities that may well become their next job jump within a highly unstable and unpredictable international job market.

The International Mystique

Thinking of quitting your present seemingly boring job and pulling up stakes to move to Europe where you will find excitement and make good money? What about taking off for a few years to travel and work your way around the world? Maybe you want to join the Peace Corps?

Perhaps you would like to land one of those high paying jobs in the Middle East that you've heard about? Or maybe you are committed to some important international causes, such as world hunger, population planning, health care, rural development, environmental issues, or refugee resettlement, that could use your energy, enthusiasm, commitment, and drive.

For more than 25 years we have pursued international jobs and careers. We've lived and worked abroad, counseled others on how to find international jobs, and assisted others in re-entering the U.S. domestic job market. We've fashioned an exciting career and lifestyle that enables us to regularly work abroad while maintaining our career base in the U.S. We've met our share of

Unique Job Seekers

Challenging, exciting, addictive, and sometimes dangerous, international jobs are particularly appealing for certain types of individuals. For many, these jobs are both personally and financially rewarding. Many would not trade their present international job and lifestyle for any job back home. Some become international nomads, obsessed with travel, new adventures, and living in exotic societies and cultures.

Indeed, for those who have lived and worked abroad, it is often difficult to communicate to others the uniqueness, excitement, challenge, and satisfaction of the international experience. A very personal, internalized experience for many people, working abroad is a unique form of entrepreneurship.

After a few months of returning home, many of these individuals soon experience an unexplained yearning to get back into the international job market so they can once again travel the globe to be challenged and to experience something different. Even those who have returned home for five or ten years often get the urge to return to what was one of the most exciting times of their worklife. Many will take almost any job just to get back to living and working abroad. Not surprising, jobs back home seem boring compared to many jobs encountered abroad.

Beware of Con Artists

If you are a highly motivated international job dreamer, you may be susceptible to a great deal of wishful thinking. If you have little or no international experience and few international skills, you will probably experience numerous job search disappointments. Feeling frustrated, you may engage in random and sometimes mindless action in your effort to find an international job.

 Worst of all, you may be especially vulnerable to numerous con artists who promise international jobs in exchange for exorbitant "placement fees." The lure of international jobs amongst naive and unrealistic job seekers has resulted in a flourishing industry of con men and rip-off artists who regularly advertise international placement services in newspapers and magazines, many of which may appear reputable.

Disproportionately operating from Florida and Canada, these relatively unregulated scams take millions of dollars from thousands of highly motivated but frustrated international job seekers who believe international jobs must be controlled by such placement services.

Turning Dreams into Realities

Let's talk truth about who we are and what we're doing here. You're different from the average job seeker, you're looking for an international joba career track few people are adventuresome enough to pursue. You're deserting standard paths to career success. Others, including your family, may drink you're an odd-ball. You appear unsettled in what you want to do with the rest of your life. After all, why didn't you pursue a "normal" career that would keep you close to home as well as lead to some form of apparent career success others could clearly understand? They really don't understand you and your international interests. And it's no use trying to explain your career interests and lifestyle

anymore. In fact, the last time you returned home from abroad, few were really interested in what you did, even though it was very important to you!

It's time to get serious about finding an international job and pursuing an international career, regardless of what others may think about you. You want to do what you really enjoy doingliving and working abroad.