Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Turning Dreams into Realities

Let's talk truth about who we are and what we're doing here. You're different from the average job seeker, you're looking for an international joba career track few people are adventuresome enough to pursue. You're deserting standard paths to career success. Others, including your family, may drink you're an odd-ball. You appear unsettled in what you want to do with the rest of your life. After all, why didn't you pursue a "normal" career that would keep you close to home as well as lead to some form of apparent career success others could clearly understand? They really don't understand you and your international interests. And it's no use trying to explain your career interests and lifestyle

anymore. In fact, the last time you returned home from abroad, few were really interested in what you did, even though it was very important to you!

It's time to get serious about finding an international job and pursuing an international career, regardless of what others may think about you. You want to do what you really enjoy doingliving and working abroad.

Maybe you're a dreamer. You want to live in some exciting and exotic places; meet intriguing people with international backgrounds; make big money; travel extensively; deal with pressing international issues; or live a thrilling lifestyle that only an international job can offer. Or perhaps you had an international experience that addicted you to the international arena. Chances are you will never shake that addiction as you continue to look for additional international experiences in the years to comethrough education, travel, and employment.

Chances are you will never shake that addiction as you continue to look for additional international experiences.

Dreams often do come true for those who are determined to shape their future. But they especially come true for those who also know what they are doing and have the requisite skills for landing an international job.

While you may be highly motivated to get an international job, are you realistic about your future and prepared to tackle the international job market? Do you have the requisite knowledge and skills to make it in the international arena? Do you know who is hiring for international positions? What are the jobs, where are they found, and what do they pay? But most important of all, when will you land your international job? What will you have to do between now and then to make your career choice happen?

In the following pages we'll address these and many other concerns of international job seekers as well as answer some of the most important questions for getting an international job. We'll show you how to turn your dreams into realities by acquiring the necessary skills and developing appropriate strategies for landing a job in today's highly competitive international job market