Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Structure of Opportunities

Understanding the structure of the international job market and devising job search strategies responsive to what is essentially a decentralized and closed job market must ultimately be linked to specific organizations and jobs that exist in the international arena. Most of the jobs are found with the following categories of organizations:

1. Government
2. International Organizations
3. Contracting and Consulting Firms
4. Nongovernmental, Nonprofit, and Private Voluntary Organizations
5. Multinational Corporations
6. Businesses and the Travel Industry
7. Educational Organizations
8. Trade and Professional Associations
9. Foundations
10. Research Organizations

In addition, thousands of entrepreneurs operate on their own, without the benefit of organizations and bureaucracies, in conducting all types of business in the international arena.

The chapters that follow examine the structure, the process, the organizations, and the entrepreneurs that define the international job market. Each chapter should further open what is basically a closed structure as well as help organize and centralize information on the "what," "where," and "how" of finding an international job that may also lead to an international career. In so doing, we outline international job search strategies that should be both realistic and effective for the coming decade.

If you are looking for specific names and addresses of international employers to contact, you should examine our book, The Almanac of International Jobs and Careers. Designed as a companion volume to this book, The Almanac of International Jobs and Careers is keyed to the organizational chapters in Part III of this book. It summarizes hundreds of major international employers, many of which may be relevant to your interests and skills. If your primary motivation for international employment is travel, you may want to examine our other volume, Jobs For People Who Love Travel, which covers both domestic and international employment.