Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Finding an International Job

Finding an international job is not as difficult as it may initially appear. For those who already have international work experience, finding another international job requires a combination of technical skills, experience in particular segments of the job market, area and language through a unique network of professional and personal "connections" they have developed over the years in the international arena.

If you lack the proper mix of international experience and connections for landing an international job, you can quickly acquire these keys for breaking into the international job market.

You can do this by taking foreign language courses, traveling, joining study tours or semester abroad programs, acquiring an international internship, volunteering to work for an international firm or organization, getting an entry-level position with a nonprofit organization, or starting your own business.

These and other opportunities for breaking into the international job market for those with or without higher education credentials and extensive international work experience are outlined in several articles in exolink.blogspot.com on "Finding Your Best Work Setting" which deal with nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, business, the travel industry, and entrepreneurship.