Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Beware of Con Artists

If you are a highly motivated international job dreamer, you may be susceptible to a great deal of wishful thinking. If you have little or no international experience and few international skills, you will probably experience numerous job search disappointments. Feeling frustrated, you may engage in random and sometimes mindless action in your effort to find an international job.

 Worst of all, you may be especially vulnerable to numerous con artists who promise international jobs in exchange for exorbitant "placement fees." The lure of international jobs amongst naive and unrealistic job seekers has resulted in a flourishing industry of con men and rip-off artists who regularly advertise international placement services in newspapers and magazines, many of which may appear reputable.

Disproportionately operating from Florida and Canada, these relatively unregulated scams take millions of dollars from thousands of highly motivated but frustrated international job seekers who believe international jobs must be controlled by such placement services.

In over 90 percent of the cases, these operations result in fleecing individuals out of anywhere from $50 to $5,000. In fact, the situation has gotten worse during the past two years as more of these firms prey on gullible individuals, many of whom are unemployed construction workers or spouses lured into believing they can make big bucks working on construction projects in the Middle East or Australia. Few get such jobs. Instead, they normally lose about$ 1,000 to a fly-by-night "placement firm" that at best gives them a list of 100 employers and a travel video. This should not happen to you.

Beware of anyone who tries to charge you up-front fees for any services related to finding international jobs. Anyone who does is most likely about to treat themselves to your hard earned money in exchange for broken promises. As we will see in the following pages, no groups or individuals control international jobs or placements. Only you can find your international job. It's hard work, but it must be done by you. Be cautious dealing with anyone who says they can do it for you and accordingly charges an up-front fee for access to their "secrets."

The following pages will show you how to go about conducting your own international job search. You will find an international job if you have the requisite international skills, use appropriate job search strategies, and are persistent in connecting with the right employers.

However, don't expect to find an international job if you lack specific skills employers seek. While many skills used in the domestic U.S. job market may transfer to the international arena, employers also look for other skills based upon international knowledge and experience. Positive thinking, motivation, and persistence will play important roles in your job search, but they do not substitute for concrete international skills.

Whatever you do, make sure your international skills are at least equal to your high level of motivation.

 between work and play, and views international travel as an incentive, reward, or vacation in relation to their present job. For international jobs generate important lifestyles where one's job and personal life merge into a unique form of worklife. It's a lifestyle where separating one's work and income from one's personal and family situation is often difficult to achieve. Resettling Cambodian and Haitian refugees, feeding the starving in Ethiopia, demonstrating a new irrigation pump in Indonesia, responding to political upheavals in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, introducing new products into the Japanese and Chinese markets, or importing arts and crafts from India and Morocco are experiences unlike any found in jobs and careers back home. They are what push and pull many dedicated job seekers into the international job market. Addictive and cumulative, these experiences keep them moving in and around this job market for many years to comes.

International jobs generate important lifestyles where one's job and personal life merge into a unique form of worklife.